June 26, 2018

Scrum DevOps training

This training consists of four blocks of four hours. These sessions alternately focus on theory and on how to apply Scrum and DevOps practically in the current situation at your company:

On day 1 and 3 the theory of respectively Scrum and DevOps will be explained. This makes sure we have a clear and concise view on the rules of the game, what can be expected of whom and how all parts should work together.

On day 2 and 4 we focus on the practical part and the essence of roles, activities and artefacts. We will discuss questions, lessons learned, tips and tricks and learn about different ways on how to implement/use Scrum and DevOps at your company.

Agenda of the training:

  • Day 1: Scrum basics (Scrum roles, activities & artefacts)
  • Day 2: Scrum essence & specifics for teams at your company
  • Day 3: DevOps (DevOps in combination with Scrum, incident/problem mgt, CI/CD, software craftsmanship)
  • Day 4: DevOps essence & specifics for teams at your company

After the training

After the training teams can now (re)start their implementation of Scrum/DevOps by the book. Teams can now improve their processes by inspecting and adapting based on both theory as on practical parts.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Please feel free to contact me for different configurations of this training (more/less participants, in combination with other trainings or consultancy).