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Most methods, frameworks and technologies promise, some more implicitly than others, that they are the way to create products faster. Or better. Or both. Well, there is good and there is bad news. The bad news is that there is no magic all-containing one-size-fits-all solution that you can buy which results in better software faster. The good news is that there are numerous tools, patterns and techniques that all can contribute in creating better software faster. This is where my expertise lies. More on Better software sooner

About me

Agile Project Lead/manager

As project leader I primarily focus on finding and working with the right people, techniques, tooling, allies and doing whatever we need to do to fulfil the business demands. I believe quality is non-negotiable and that we aren’t finished until the job is done. The job is always to reach shared (business) goals together.

I love to work with people. I love diverse teams. I love to fix stuff. I love to set up new stuff.

IT Lead

I feel very comfortable when there are organisational challenges that need to be fixed. I thrive when there is still much to improve. I focus on reducing technical debt, removing complexity and creating a culture where the simplest working solution should be the first version of things. Building teams with a strong engineering culture without compromising business goals and time to market.

Career coaching

Me, I didn’t start my study of Information Technology until the age of 27. Before deciding to go back to school I did many other things including a poorly chosen study and a lot of production and cleaning jobs…. read more


Years of experience in consultancy and training resulted in a couple extensive and highly configurable trainings which I easily can tailor according to your needs. Besides these trainings I also give regular agile, scrum, scrum master and product owner trainings. Click here to see the whole trainingsportfolio.

About me

Within software development there is no one size fits all method or set of tools.

For me the most important thing is finding ways to help companies in creating the best possible products and services. In this quest there are numerous tools, ways of working, environments, trends and frameworks that can help us in doing this secure, fast and reliable. Whether it is agile portfolio management or continuous delivery, Devops transitions or product visions, I always look for optimization the whole. For me this is the flow from strategic goals to customer feedback.

  • Agile method and technology framework agnostic getting things done....

  • Fullfilling business demands through DevOps, creating engineering culture, reducing tech debt, simplify IT architecture and connecting with the whole organisation....

  • Productising in enterprises, business strategy, product vision, impact mapping, story mapping, product canvas, refinement, data driven development...

  • Business goal validation, experiment driven development, backlog validation...


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