October 1, 2018

DevOps essence & practices

This training focuses on both the essence of DevOps practices and on how to apply these practically in your current situation and/or company. Instead of me solely explaining the theory we will discuss and experience the essence of why we do the things we do. There is more than enough room to zoom in on questions/bottlenecks that apply to your current situation if needed.

The setup of the training is based on the following pattern:

  • A theoretical introduction,
  • A practical exercise,
  • Lessons learned & how to implement in the current situation.

Subjects that will be discussed are:

  • DevOps in combination with Scrum,
  • The different types of work (Development Operational, Incidents,Improvements),
  • Prioritization of different types of work,
  • Incident and problem management,
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment,
  • CI/CD Tool Chains,
  • Software craftsmanship,
  • Test/behaviour driven development, pair programming,
  • Value stream mapping,
  • The 7 wastes of software development.


We will finish the training by doing an assessment where we start defining the steps you and your team can take, starting the next day, in order to improve. We either use a DevOps matrix or value stream mapping which both result in the prioritisation of bottlenecks to solve.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Please feel free to contact me for different configurations of this training (more/less participants, in combination with other trainings or consultancy).