June 26, 2018

Practical Product Owner workshop

Where most Product Owner trainings focus on Scrum or Agile scaling the purpose of this workshop is to learn and experience all facets of product ownership hands-on. With practical experience, theoretical knowledge and quite some passion your knowledge of Product Ownership is transferred in a unique way.

Note that this workshop does not focus on Scrum processes. During the workshop we actually produce real artefacts that are the basis for your products and backlog.  

The workshop is designed to follow a typical product flow from strategy, business models, operational models to the feedback model. The workshop consists of two days in which we will learn and practice two important feedback cycles::

  • Day 1: The focus of the first day is on transforming objectives to measurable outcomes (Everything from the Why to user feedback).
  • Day 2: The focus of the second day is about translating and describing everything teams need to be able to deliver valuable products.

Day 1: driven by objectives and validated by outcomes.

Day 2: organised by input and measured by output:

I prefer using practical cases since the workshop is then used as a project kick starter in which, in addition to the theory, we will create all artefacts we need to get any idea to a well written backlog with items that serve as the basis for the first sprints. If it is not possible to use a practical case, we will provide a fictional case.

In this workshop you will learn about and create:

  • The business strategy and the translation to the business model,
  • A business model canvas, product vision and impact maps (objectives and goals),
  • Roadmaps and story maps (mid term planning),
  • Product canvas as refinement model,
  • Epic goals, user journeys, Ux/Ui, data models and acceptance criteria ((pre-)refinement),
  • Technical debt, architecture and bugs as backlog input,
  • How to gather feedback from production systems.

After the workshop

After this workshop you will have a clear view on the full scope of Product Ownership which is much broader than merely Scrum or the backlog. You will know about, and have experience with, numerous practical tools and activities which you can use right away. You will have knowledge on the toolset to organise and structure the flow from idea to customer feedback.

Consultancy/Follow up session:

The half-day consultancy is part of the proposal and can be seen as a follow up session. After the workshop the PO and his/her team will start working on their vision, roadmap and refinement. During the follow up, which we’ll plan two or four weeks after the workshop, I will review these items, give feedback on how to proceed, introduce new techniques if needed and can even facilitate a refinement session. This way we make sure that the theoretical and practical parts are properly aligned.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Please feel free to contact me for different configurations of this training (more/less participants, in combination with other trainings or consultancy).