May 14, 2021

Stakeholder management Workshop

An important part of the Product Owner role is ‘representing the needs of many stakeholders in the Product Backlog’.

This sounds much easier than it generally is and doing proper stakeholder management just takes some time. Stakeholder management is also not a thing you’ll do once but should be part of your whole product strategy.

Without knowing you stakeholders, their influence & interests it is nearly impossible to create the right product. In this practical workshop we will combine theory and practical exercises in which we will craft both the overview of your current stakeholder landscape as the desired state.

Agenda of the workshop:

What is stakeholder management?

What are the types of stakeholders?

  • Quiz: is this a stakeholder?  
  • Exercise: who are your current stakeholders?

Stakeholders in regards to the Lean canvas and/or Product Vision.

Stakeholders as actors in Impact mappings.

  • Exercise: what is the importance of your stakeholders & what are their needs?
  • Exercise: communication types.
  • Exercise: how to ‘manage’ each stakeholder.
  • Exercise: create a stakeholder map for the current situation.

Stakeholder types in regards to the product innovation curve.

  • Exercise: create the desired paths of the map.

Rounding up

More info on stakeholder mapping can be found here.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Please feel free to contact me for different configurations of this training (more/less participants, in combination with other trainings or consultancy).