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ITSM or DevOps? You don’t have to choose!

I often get questions whether an organisation should choose ITIL or DevOps. Or people tell me that ‘before DevOps everything was clear’.  And I can imagine the confusion. And often people are right. But it is not so much about choosing a one-size-fits-all solution and expecting things to sort themselves out. It is a matter Read more about ITSM or DevOps? You don’t have to choose![…]

Be aware of the ‘innovation is key’​ trap

You might have heard about the importance of innovation during company speeches, in blogs or at conferences. “We need to be innovative to remain relevant” is something that is often agreed upon. The examples of the most innovative companies, which often have no similarities whatsoever with your company, are endless. In this article I will Read more about Be aware of the ‘innovation is key’​ trap[…]