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Career coaching

Career Coaching (pro bono)

Me, I didn’t start my study of Information Technology until the age of 27. Before deciding to go back to school I did many other things including a poorly chosen study and a lot of production and cleaning jobs

I guess I just needed some time to figure out life a bit more and find something that would interest me. Something I would like as a profession but also as a person. 

The beauty of the current state of IT, I believe, is that the saying ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ applies in many cases. All companies are struggling in finding the right people and the right people are often the skilled people. 

Today it is less about degrees and more about passion and skills. It’s more about craftsmanship and being yourself than giving the desired answers during an interview while wearing the perfect suit.

So now, years later after doing many different projects and consultancy assignments and currently as a very happy freelancer, I like to share my experiences with people who could just use some help or advice. People in situations similar as mine back then. People who just could use some help in figuring out a direction. People who could benefit from my, still growing, network of very friendly and passionate people. All of this is free of charge.

Could this be something for you?

Step 1: Let’s meet

I think you can achieve so many great things. I believe that you can move mountains but you gotta do it yourself. I can help you, I can teach you the stuff I found out over the years, I can point you in the right direction and introduce you to people who are much smarter than me. But I will not do your work for you. That is your part in all of this.

If you rather wait and see what is coming your way sometime soon we might not be the best fit. And that is also okay! But if you show some passion and are willing to put in the work, we will make sure things will move in the right direction for you!

Step 2: Find out what YOU like

If you love something, putting in the work won’t feel much like effort. It will feel like this is the thing you are meant to do at this time. So step 1 is for us to find out what makes you smile. Are you a creative spirit who likes creating designs or are you fascinated by user experience? Or is your guilty pleasure that you are into mathematics or like to work with big data sets? The nice thing about IT is that it is very broad. Stuff we might end up exploring could be:

  • Product Ownership: what do you need to invent and describe your products so you can create the perfect application,
  • UI/UX design: how to create beautiful designs and make sure users love your programs,
  • Software development: building mobile apps, websites or other systems,
  • Infrastructure: behind the scenes! Making sure everything you build also runs smoothly on machines or in the cloud,
  • Business Intelligence: see if we can make some sense of all the data we gathered,
  • Artificial Intelligence: can we really make intelligent systems that will make a lot of work absolete?
  • Hacking/security testing: how to combine all of the above to make sure that people can sleep at night,
  • Agile & DevOps: how are teams formed and responsible for creating and running software on production,

Step 3: Find out where to go and how to get you there

Now we know what you would like to become, we will make a plan on how to get there. Depending on your goals we will find the needed (often free) courses and tutorials, education programs, meetups and sometimes books. We will split the big plan up in many small ones that we can easily evaluate. We take it one step at the time and make sure there is progress.

We will make sure you understand the basics of a lot of subjects and choose one subject that you will study in depth. The thing you would love to do. As you could imagine, creating software is so much more than just writing the code. It is connected to everything from the customer, the UI design, the way you plan stuff and how to make sure the server is running smoothly so users will never experience an error.

So we take in from a global overview to more and more in depth subjects:


  • A global overview of all the aspects of IT. What is needed to get from an idea to a working app on peoples phones for example?
  • What are the different types of processes and/or management structures involved here?
  • How does everything fit together in different types of organisations?

Around you:

  • The subjects that are closer to your speciality. With which roles will you work together the most? What do they mean and what do they deliver to you (and visa versa)?
  • What skills of other roles could be beneficial for you to know?


  • Work on the basic tools and knowledge you should master and know in regards to your chosen speciality.
  • Master the main subject of your role. Become the best in your field.
  • Work on your portfolio in the form of created products. Work on your resume. Get certificates if it makes sense.

Step 4: Keep a close eye to the plan

In step 2 we created a plan together. We splitted the plan up into many small goals. This makes it easy for us to see if you still are on track.

We will meet up regularly and evaluate if things are going your way. If not we will investigate why that is and look for alternatives or adjust the plan. We will share our insights and openly discuss how to proceed.

Are you interested? Do you have questions? Do you first want more information? Please let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact me

Feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn or fill in the contact form if you would like to know more!