There is no such thing as “the business”

In regards to agile stakeholder management there are two important patterns I often see: – Product Owners in general are really busy managing the “the business” or “the stakeholders” but no inventorisation and classification of these groups is being done. – While the business or stakeholders are not mapped, we pretend to exactly know what Read more about There is no such thing as “the business”[…]

Wanted: BusDevUXSec TestSalesOps

Wanted: BusDevUXSecTestSalesOps senior software craftsman with passion for Scrum, expert on COBOL, Unikernels and ReactiveX “All Things are Difficult Before they are Easy” – Thomas Fuller. Well, in regards to all that’s expected from software developers nowadays, we are certainly doing a proper job in creating expectations that are difficult to fulfil. If we would Read more about Wanted: BusDevUXSec TestSalesOps[…]