Over pipelines en continuous van alles en nog wat.

Dit is het tweede artikel in de ‘Dear non-IT people’ reeks waarin ik IT begrippen probeer te versimpelen voor niet ICT ers. Het eerste ging over versiebeheer: Waarom hebben ze het nu al weken over Trunk based development? IT is voor ‘buitenstaanders’ vaak een black box met zijn eigen vakjargon, heel veel afkortingen en vaak Read more about Over pipelines en continuous van alles en nog wat.[…]

Waarom hebben ze het nu al weken over Trunk Based Development?

Dit artikel gaat over iets wat we versioning of versiebeheer noemen. Het is een van de basis zaken die je in moet richten als je software ontwikkelt. Waarschijnlijk heb je het woord Git wel eens gehoord. Dit is een van de meest gebruikte versiebeheer systemen. Andere gerelateerde namen die je misschien langs hoort komen zijn: Read more about Waarom hebben ze het nu al weken over Trunk Based Development?[…]

10 tips for creating an in company startup

Enterprises, in general, are not known for their innovative capabilities or for their short times to market. Most ideas die in the ‘would legal approve?’, ‘it is too complicated’ or ‘what if?’ phase. The term innovation in most enterprises is an empty phrase and on one part that is a shame since they have the Read more about 10 tips for creating an in company startup[…]

Better software sooner

Most methods, frameworks and technologies promise, some more implicitly than others, that they are the way to create products faster. Or better. Or both. Well, there is good and there is bad news. The bad news is that there is no magic all-containing one-size-fits-all solution that you can buy which results in better software faster. Read more about Better software sooner[…]

There is no such thing as “the business”

In regards to agile stakeholder management there are two important patterns I often see: – Product Owners in general are really busy managing the “the business” or “the stakeholders” but no inventorisation and classification of these groups is being done. – While the business or stakeholders are not mapped, we pretend to exactly know what Read more about There is no such thing as “the business”[…]

Wanted: BusDevUXSec TestSalesOps

Wanted: BusDevUXSecTestSalesOps senior software craftsman with passion for Scrum, expert on COBOL, Unikernels and ReactiveX “All Things are Difficult Before they are Easy” – Thomas Fuller. Well, in regards to all that’s expected from software developers nowadays, we are certainly doing a proper job in creating expectations that are difficult to fulfil. If we would Read more about Wanted: BusDevUXSec TestSalesOps[…]

Impact mapping and continuous validation

There is always a reason for making software. Let’s rephrase that: there should always be a reason, at least from a business perspective. How else could our products have any impact? Whether we want to make an app that that seamlessly connects riders to drivers or build a community where you can hire and rent apartments while Read more about Impact mapping and continuous validation[…]