Platform teams as the driving force of improvement

What is a platform There are many types of platforms. In this series we talk about a platform as a group of capabilities within a company, which enables the customer facing (feature) teams to deliver business value according to their customers needs. This is achieved by offering building blocks in a self service manner to Read more about Platform teams as the driving force of improvement[…]

Platform teams are product teams – strategy

In many companies there seems to be a different approach in how teams serve their end-users. Often you see that feature teams are more end-user focussed, as a result of the agile way of working, but the operational or supporting teams have a hard time connecting to this way of thinking because they ‘don’t deliver Read more about Platform teams are product teams – strategy[…]

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Practical shopkeeping tools for IT Management

IT should always serve business goals.  To be able to do just that we have to make sure we provide the right solutions for the right costs and at the right time. Let’s take a taxi company as an example. It is only possible for our drivers to do their job properly and provide services Read more about Practical shopkeeping tools for IT Management[…]

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ITSM or DevOps? You don’t have to choose!

I often get questions whether an organisation should choose ITIL or DevOps. Or people tell me that ‘before DevOps everything was clear’.  And I can imagine the confusion. And often people are right. But it is not so much about choosing a one-size-fits-all solution and expecting things to sort themselves out. It is a matter Read more about ITSM or DevOps? You don’t have to choose![…]

Practical guide for improving software delivery in DevOps – part 1

In regards to the quality of both software products as devops processes there are four main metrics that can be considered to be leading: Mean Lead Time for changes (MLT) – lower is better,  Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) – lower is better, Deployment Frequency (DF) – higher is better,  Change Failure Rate (CFR) – Read more about Practical guide for improving software delivery in DevOps – part 1[…]

Better software sooner

Most methods, frameworks and technologies promise, some more implicitly than others, that they are the way to create products faster. Or better. Or both. Well, there is good and there is bad news. The bad news is that there is no magic all-containing one-size-fits-all solution that you can buy which results in better software faster. Read more about Better software sooner[…]

Wanted: BusDevUXSec TestSalesOps

Wanted: BusDevUXSecTestSalesOps senior software craftsman with passion for Scrum, expert on COBOL, Unikernels and ReactiveX “All Things are Difficult Before they are Easy” – Thomas Fuller. Well, in regards to all that’s expected from software developers nowadays, we are certainly doing a proper job in creating expectations that are difficult to fulfil. If we would Read more about Wanted: BusDevUXSec TestSalesOps[…]